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” ..The Church Chairs Are Still In Phenomenal Condition…”

“Jan, In 2004 we purchased 300 chairs from Bertolini for our new sanctuary.  After 9 years of heavy use  the church chairs are still in phenomenal condition, the cushions still firm, and the fabric still looks great! About two years ago we decided to purchase a set of chairs for our youth group and unfortunately [...]

“…Over 9 Years And The Chairs Are Still In Excellent Shape!”

“Holly, from time to time we get people from other churches who want to tour our campus. When we get to the Worship Center we always highlight the chairs and give your company a hearty endorsement. We’ve been in our WC over 9 years and the chairs are still in excellent shape!  We also use [...]

“The Church Chairs Are Beautiful And Receive Many Compliments…”

Tabernacle Baptist Church in Cartersville Georgia

“Ren, I thought I would share some pictures with you since we just completed our renovation.  The church chairs are beautiful and receive many compliments for their comfort.  Thanks for helping us with the order. Thanks!” –Steve Kennedy of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Cartersville, GA.    

“The Chairs Are Well Wrapped And Fastened In The Container. You Do A Good Job!”

“Hi Jan! Thank you for responding so quickly. I have noticed several orders with 8-10 Impressions chairs in each stack, and there was no problem. I’m very pleased that you could solve this problem.  Thank you! Let me share with you that we have had no transport damage so far.  The chairs are well wrapped and [...]

“Overall It Has Been A Great Experience…”

“Wonderful Carol, and thank you for everything.  Overall it has been a great experience and I will sure be in touch when we are ready to order more.  I will provide pics soon. God bless!” –Jocelyn R. Tafao of United Healthcare Community Plan in Honolulu, HI