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“The Bertolini Church Chairs Look Great!”

God's Way Church, SC

“Hey Ren, we just receive the 120 Bertolini Church Chairs that I ordered from you and they look great! Thanks!” –Dr. Terry King of God’s Way Church in Travelers Rest, SC

“Bertolini Was A Clear Choice!”

“Hi Carol, Thanks so much for the bid! By the way, Bertolini church chairs has been fantastic to deal with. I was in “contact” with 2 other companies at the beginning. After not hearing back from either for months, one of whom I never heard back from, Bertolini was a clear choice! I also am partial to [...]


Ray Wheeler2

Pastors have a difficult job. According to Barna, “Most pastors work long hours, are constantly on-call, often sacrifice time with family to tend to congregational crises, carry long-term debt from the cost of seminary and receive below-average compensation in return for performing a difficult job. Trained in theology, they are expected to master leadership, politics, [...]

“Thank You Very Much For Providing Such A Fine American Made Product!”

“Hi Jan, we have been extremely satisfied with the Bertolini church chairs that we purchased from you. Everyone loves the comfort and fit. The extra flexibility we have gained in our chapel (vs. the pews) has been wonderful.Thank you very much for providing such a fine American made product!” — Pastor Glenn Butts of Church [...]

French Funerals Grand Opening with Bertolini Church Chairs!

French Funerals Grand Opening with Bertolini Chairs

Grand Opening for French Funerals in Albuquerque, New Mexico with Bertolini Church Chairs!