“Grateful To You Carol And All At Bertolini…”

“Hello Carol, We have been meeting in our new gym now for 6 weeks. The more attractive and warm location have been a huge encouragement to our church family and guests. But, the church chairs, the floor and hand dollies have lifted everyone. We are confident these new comforts will be a lift to folks wanting […]

“It Is Nice To Be Able To Offer Our Grieving Families Such Comfort!”

“Hi Carol, my church chairs arrived a few hours ago. They are beautiful, even more lovely than the picture! They are better than anything I could find in NZ and it is nice to be able to offer our grieving families such comfort! We have two services here tomorrow so the timing although tight due […]

“We Are Confident In Your Product And Company.”

“Jan, thanks again for all your help and patience over the last year and a half.  This is a big deal for our congregation, and we really wanted this upgrade to be special and well done.  We are confident in your product and company.  Bertolini’s reputation and references, the quality of your samples, responsive pre-sale […]


One of our customers (I will call him John) called one day. He had just noticed the header on our pro forma quotes. “What is this? You say that over 500 American families benefit from each chair you produce. I’ve visited your factory your employee count is not that big” John was a little bit […]

“…Made Me Feel Like You Wanted Our Business!”

“Jan, I thought you might like to know… about the same time I first contacted Bertolini, I also contacted three other chair companies. I went through the same process of first investigating on the web and then making phone calls to secure information and a sample chair for us to base a decision on a […]