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“A Blessing to Christian Congregations in Norway!”

“I think the introduction of Bertolini Sanctuary Seating on the Norwegian market is regarded as a blessing to Christian congregations in Norway! Have a nice day!” –Olav Vegge of Lyngdal, Norway

“Fantastic Product, Fantastic Company Morals, Fantastic People To Deal With!”

“What a privilege to know there are still companies like Bertolini Sanctuary Seating! Fantastic product, fantastic company morals, fantastic people to deal with! If you are in the market for sanctuary seating…take my advice and don’t deal with anyone other than Bertolini! Some further advice…when you call…keep hanging up ’til you get Holly Houser! Thanks [...]

“Thank You! Thank You!”

“Hi Carol! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The church chairs look wonderful!  Our church looks like a church and not a hotel conference room!” — Ken Manson, City Church of Promise of Dundee, OR.

Church Chairs in Aruba!

Church Chairs in Aruba

Shots of the new Bertolini Church Chairs at Episcopal Church in Aruba.

“The Church Chairs Helped Create a “WOW” Factor”…

“Thank you so much for everything!  Our people have been extremely happy over the new arrangement and they are thoroughly enjoying the chairs.  The church chairs helped create a “wow” factor at our Grand Opening, and our people do not feel slighted in the least bit after sitting in them the last few weeks.  We [...]