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Church Chair with the Toddler Tattoo


It sat third from the end on the sixth row back. I first noticed it as I walked through the sanctuary early one Sunday morning praying for the people who would sit in each of the church chairs in both morning services. I prayed for each person to have an encounter with the living God [...]

“…Wonderful to Work With!”

“Jan, thank you so much for your help!  You have been wonderful to work with.  If there is any type of survey or anything that I can fill out I would be more than happy to do so!” -David Soper of Liberty Church of Christ in Liberty, IN.


“Carol, the church chairs arrived on Friday and they are wonderful!” –Lana Johnson of Trinity Lutheran in Freeland, WA.

“The Church Chairs Look Great in the New Sanctuary.”

Carol, thank you! The church chairs look great in the new sanctuary! It’s a very modern building with lots of paint colors, so it looks interesting. We’ve had a lot of compliments on them!” –Julie Cunningham of Timberline Church in Fort Collins, CO.

“Very Comfortable!”

“Carol, I just returned from our new church building where I helped unpack our 150 new church chairs. They look great, and the color goes very well with our carpet! We had time to sit down after unpacking, and they felt very comfortable!” –Karen Stewart of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Pinedale, WY