Monthly Archives: June 2011

Are There Mentors Sitting in those Church Chairs?


By Ray Wheeler, DMin. Finding a mentor challenges most emerging leaders – the emergence of the Millennials in leadership brings the subject of mentors to the fore in a fresh way. It is not that Millennials don’t have mentors; in fact according to demographic researchers Millennials maintain some of the healthiest relationships to their parents [...]

Bikers, Church Chairs, Community and Diversity


By Ray Wheeler, DMin. The unmistakable rumble of three dozen Harley Davidson choppers rolling into the church parking lot sent a shiver down my spine and resonated over the church chairs in the sanctuary – it had only been three weeks since the leader of an outlaw gang had threatened to show up on a [...]

When Selling Church Chairs Introduces the Power of Forgiveness


By Ray Wheeler, DMin. It does not happen often but when it does it is awkward and heart-rending. It may be surprising to some that we encounter it at all – most of the stories we hear when we are working with congregations about their seating needs are exciting times of growth or revitalization or [...]

Pleased with Product, Service and Scheduling.

We received this order on May, 31st. The driver was very courteous and helpful and had taken extra precaution to avoid transport damage. Inspection during setup revealed only some minor paint damage. We are very pleased with the product, the service and the scheduling. You may add us to your list of references. -Bill Snyder, [...]

Your chairs were the best we came across…

Thank you for your help! Your chairs were the best we came across and the customer service was wonderful. -TORAH to the Tribes, via Facebook.