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New Creation has made a commitment to serve our city. During the summer of 2011 we will serve 200 lunches a day to children in our community. Our problem was that we have a very small building and our largest room in the building was our sanctuary which was filled with pews. Bertolini church chairs […]

In a factory full of church chairs it is not hard to find a chair to sit in. We just completed a day of training with my team and in debrief with the consultant the subject of meditation came up. “So,” Cynthia said, “you described your future objectives using all left brain imagery. However you […]

Carol, We got the church chairs today at 7:30 a.m. We had a ton of guys to unload, and got the trucker on the next ferry out! The church chairs are gorgeous!!! We unpacked one of them and everyone took a turn sitting in it–of course no one with dirty pants got to do so […]

Hello Carol, I want you to know that doing business with Bertolini was a pleasure and a blessing. The family of New season Christian Center says “thank you” for all of your patience and professionalism. We are very satisfied with our new sanctuary® seating and we will recommend you to all who are in the […]

It wasn’t what we expected. We started a product development cycle to answer a problem that occurs over time in some card pockets on the back of church chairs. We designed three new card pocket prototypes for our church chairs based on feedback we had received from our customers. Once the prototypes were completed we […]