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Thank you for a Smooth Church Chair Order

Jan, Just wanted to thank you for another smooth church chair order. The Sunday school class is very happy. We will be in touch if we need anymore. Thank you, Dana Gall

Get spiritual: Leading the People in your Church Chairs Depends on it


By Ray Wheeler, DMin. A group of researchers working with the United States Army determined that spiritual leadership is critical to developing organizational commitment and performance. Their research demonstrated that organizational performance is directly related to the ideas of calling/meaning and membership typically associated with spirituality. [1] The researchers point out that; … the tenets [...]

Exceedingly Helpful with our Church’s Chair Purchase

Ren was exceedingly helpful with our church’s chair purchase in 2011. We needed a lot of information, comparisons, ideas, and support in several areas. Ren not only responded but informed us of concerns we hadn’t even considered and offered several suggestions. He was also very objective in in his assistance with our subjective desires (as [...]

Letter of Reference from Temple B’nai Tikvah

Temple B'nai Tikvah

Dear Ren, I wanted to thank you and your team for your outstanding support in the selection and purchase of our portable and fixed balcony seating. Your patience, support and guidance were greatly appreciated and we feel we got excellent value with the product we have chosen. I would strongly recommend Bertolini and yourself to [...]

Pews to Pens – Church Chairs and Change


By Ray Wheeler, DMin. We hear some great stories about change in congregational life. These stories of change always center on the role church chairs have in how the congregation intends to refocus its ministry efforts. Church chairs are not primary catalysts to developing a missional congregation or engaging in organizational change. However they are [...]