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Great Picture of Church Chairs at Calvary Chapel, Perris

Church Chairs at Calvary Chapel Perris

Great Picture of Church Chairs at Calvary Chapel, Perris Sent by Bob Ybarra

Resilience – A Lesson on Leadership from Manufacturing Church Chairs


Resilience is a process of adapting in the face of difficulty, hardships, trauma, tragedy, or set backs. As manufacturers of quality church chairs we think about resilience. For example the resilience of our foam or proprietary blow molded seat foundation. We design and test church chairs to endure the stresses of routine use and maintain [...]

Check out our new Sanctuary

Ren, You should check out our website to see your chairs prominently displayed. Regards, Jeff Faber Temple B’Nai Tikvah

Very Pleased with the Church Chairs by Bertolini

Hello Carol, You may remember, way back in December, you mentioned that I should send some photos your way once we received our new chairs.  Well, I’m happy to say that now that construction is complete on our sanctuary’s back wall, I’ve had opportunity to take some photos with our new chairs in place.  I’ve [...]

Church Chairs are Often the Setting of Defining Moments

By Ray Wheeler, DMin. I was thinking about all the defining moments I have experienced while sitting in church chairs.  A defining moment is a point at which life takes a new turn because of some deep or penetrating insight, experience or expanded awareness.  Defining moments come in many unique ways and when they come [...]