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Impressing Fabric!

I’m from Shelby Alliance Church in Shelby, Ohio.  We ordered 200 pew chairs from you.  You, or someone from your company sent us a sample pew chair with the fabric that we ordered.  Several of us were concerned about whether or not it would show stains since it is solid colored.  We smeared that very [...]

Church Chairs and the Shape of Things to Come – Three Essential Commitments


I was thinking about the future. What is the shape of the church tomorrow? What is important to remember every day when taking single steps into the future? There is, I am sure, more than one answer to these questions. The variety of cultural and geographic situations of the local church guarantees an assortment of [...]

BUMC Church Chair Pictures

BUMC Church Chairs

Ren, Here are the I have the pictures Walter took of our sanctuary. Have a glorious day. Mary Lewis BUMC in Belfast, Maine

Chair Pictures From Reformation Presbyterian Church

Chair Pictures From Reformation Presbyterian Church

Jan, We are only 90 to 100 people strong at this point, and using the family fellowship room. Have not built a sanctuary. That will be a few years off. Reformation Presbyterian Church Al Wilson

GREAT looking church chairs!


Holly, So, here are a couple pics for you!!! All in all, we LOVE them!  Many many compliments on the church chairs. Thanks and have a good one!! Doug Lalli Minister of Worship and Spiritual Growth Westport Road Church of Christ