Monthly Archives: February 2011

Yes I Admit It, I’m Afraid

Jim Bertolini

Yes I admit it, I’m afraid. Some days bring out the best in me. The sun is shining (I feel fortunate to live in a sunny climate), my family loves me, and, oh yes, people are buying church chairs. On that last point, it’s not just because I run a USA manufacturing company that build […]

It’s No Longer a Secret

Jim Bertolini

It always amazes me how fast information travels. The internet with email, Facebook sharing, Twitter tweeting, videos on YouTube, and numerous other communication venues, all make sharing and obtaining information nearly instant. And yet at the same time, some information seems just beyond the grasp of those whom it will best benefit. The Bing Search […]

You Can’t Go Wrong with Sherpa & Shire for Church Chairs


If your looking for the best fabric for your church chairs, you can’t go wrong with Sherpa & Shire by Absecon Mills. These olefin fabrics are the workhorses of uphostery seating and offer a limited lifetime wear warranty. Absecon Mills, who pioneered the usage of the Marquesa® Lana olefin fabrics over 2 decades ago, has established a well-earned […]

You Want Me to What?

Jim Bertolini

When they told me I was going to have to put pen to paper (oh, that gives my age away!) and share my thoughts on church chairs with the world via this thing called “blogging” I must admit, I was a little sceptical. After all, who’s going to read what I have to blog about? […]

Bertolini Sanctuary® Seating’s Launches New Church Chair Site

PRESS RELEASE Contact: Bruce Prock, Marketing  (800) 647-7725 ext. 101 CHINO, CA. January 15, 2011 – Bertolini Sanctuary® Seating, a division of Bertolini Inc., launched an updated website to replace the current The new site will focus on easier interaction designed to assist church chair buyers in shortening their decision making process while providing and […]